Kellie Smith's Diary of a Complete Kitchen Gut and Remodel
Planning a Kitchen Remodel at the Casa de Loco They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. It's
I recently joined a Facebook group that does monthly contests for furniture makeovers. The Fab Furniture Flippin'  Contest Group I
Designer Kellie Smith keeps her scheduling chaos under control with a clipboard wall calendar.
I'm a visual person.  I need everything in sight. That is why I decided to create a Clipboard Calendar Wall
I've been dreaming of coastal inspirations lately. It has been a hot summer here in Georgia. And by hot, I
Thinking about painting your kitchen cabinets? Velvet Finishes 1-2-3 step process makes this seemingly overwhelming task SUPER EASY!! Follow along as we transform this kitchen! Video included in post.
Are your cabinets looking old and dated? Then let me share with you How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets with Velvet
Have a piece of furniture that could use a facelift? Use O'verlays to Update Your Furniture Are you familiar with
Paint it Pink I'm on a roll with the pink posts aren't I? Earlier this month I posted 9 Pink
You are not going to believe how easy this process is... Layering and Distressing with Velvet Finishes I have told
It was time, I was ready for a change. Things don't stay the same too long at the design studio.
Do you love interior design books as much as I do? Like seriously, love them? My Favorite 15 Design Books
DIY:  Watercolor Walls I'm sure you have seen all of the images of the incredible watercolor wall coverings going around
I love pink.  I'm not afraid to admit it. But I like grown-up pink. Check out these gorgeous pink rooms
Casa de Loco:  The Living Room A.K.A. Kellie's favorite room I love this room.  I never use it, but I
Take a look at the far out work of duo Jimmie Martin. These guys have got it going on.  I
Is your refrigerator just ho-hum?  Does it stick out like a sore thumb? Is it bringing you down? Well I
If you're anything like me, you've got lots of jewelry. Statement necklaces, big earrings, wrist candy, and more. As fun
Do you love the color turquoise? I do too. I recently had the wonderful experience of spending two weeks in
Have any old, ugly leather or pleather furniture you're thinking about dumping? Well good news! You don't have to get
Happy Independence Day! Red, White and Blue.  The colors of our flag. And such an amazing color combination in interiors
Lake Tekapo, NZ was cold.  Really cold. But my favorite event of our entire trip was there. We did the