Queenstown, New Zealand was definitely one of the highlights of our family trip around New Zealand. You can read more
I love brick. Painting faux brick walls is easy! Brick walls, brick floors, brick ceilings.  Any and all of them. 
I feel like black gets a bad rep sometimes. Know what I mean? I hear it a lot, so many
How to paint furniture with Velvet Finishes! I get a lot of emails from people who are new to painting
 Moto-Boy received an amazing opportunity. He was invited to race in New Zealand. Wait, what? True story. So this is
If you paint a lot of furniture you know what I'm talking about. The bending, the up, down, over, repeat. 
HARDWARE:  Make It or Break It Whether its on the kitchen cabinets, the bathroom vanity, the front door, or just
I love trays on a table. They make everything nice and neat. They corral the junk and just make a
Need more flatware?  Here's an easy way to make your guests feel extra special!   The BHE has a large
Make your file cabinets look like furniture with this DIY file cabinet makeover! At the design studio, I need file
In my opinion, animal prints are a neutral. They can go with any style, in any room, any time. And
If you know me, you know my love of a good, long,  hot soak in the tub. It's my sanity.
This little project turned out great.   Quick, easy, and basically free! Make your own furniture handles out tree branches.