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How to Clean Paint Brushes

June 6, 2017 • By

Available now at Velvet Finishes are polyester paint brushes, perfectly named – THE REVIVER!

They are perfect for painting all VF products. The bristles are just the right amount of stiff. Natural hair bristles become overly saturated in water based paints and become heavy and ‘floppy’. The longer the bristle, the ‘floppier’ they become. And nobody likes a floppy bristle. And even better? Our brushes can be used for either VF COLOUR paint or our ENHANCE products! No need for multiple types of brushes!!

Now, let’s get into how to clean your paint brushes.

As you guessed, with THE REVIVER it’s a super easy process. Read on!

How to Clean Paint Brushes - the easiest way ever! Introducing the Reviver paint brush series from Velvet Finishes - available in 5 sizes!