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Favorite 15 Design Books

July 27, 2015 • By

Do you love interior design books as much as I do?

Like seriously, love them?

My Favorite 15 Design Books

If I could, I would collect them by the dozen.

I mean, I love Pinterest and all but there is something about turning pages, touching the pages.

So here I give you 15 of my favorites.  This is Part I, because how could I limit my favorites to such a low number?

I’m sharing a design book that I was published in because, obviously, it’s my favorite favorite!


I hope you will love the creativity I find within the pages of these books.  The colors, the details, the thought behind the process…it’s all here to inspire you!

Kellie's Top 15 Design Books, Part I Looking for inspiration? Check out this list of my favorites. These must haves are sure to inspire!

Let me share…