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How to Blend and Layer Furniture Paint

August 13, 2018 • By

Bianca from Lotus Theory Designs is back, baby! You remember her from this Velvet Finishes post, right?

Today, she is going to teach us how to blend and layer paint on furniture!

Blending and layering furniture paint can be achieved in a few different ways.

The great thing is that there really is no right or wrong way when it comes to painting furniture with Velvet Finishes.

Everyone has their own creative style which makes each makeover truly unique.

Read on to see how Bianca blends and layers because you’re going to want to try this out for yourself…

How to Blend & Layer Paint on your painted furniture projects. Learn the furniture painting technique of blending and layering multiple colors while painting furniture to achieve a gorgeous finish. The layered painting technique is truly one of a kind.