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DIY: Vintage flatware made Modern

May 19, 2015 • By

Need more flatware? 

Here’s an easy way to make your guests feel extra special!

 Design Asylum: DIY Colorful Vintage Silver

The BHE has a large family.

Well to me he does, I’m an only child.

He has a brother and a sister and 6 nieces and nephews. omg.

All of them, plus his parents, came to stay with us over a long weekend in earlier in the year.

It was actually great, everyone had a wonderful time, but wow, that’s a lot of people, people!

Since we didn’t have enough flatware, I had to get creative.  This simple DIY with vintage flatware and fingernail polish turned this mismatched silverware into super cool and new!

DIY Colorful Flatware

I picked up 20 each of spoons, forks and knives at a local antique mall. I wanted every set to be a different color so I chose 20 different nail polish colors to use.  I simply used Frog Tape to tape off a clean and crisp line then painted one of each piece to make a matching set.  If you need perfectly straight lines, and when do you not, Frog Tape must be your tape of choice!

So.  Easy.

Design Asylum:  DIY Colorful Vintage Silver

So me and The Handler taped and painted.

And got high.

We were quite high, as a matter of fact, from the fingernail polish fumes.

Design Asylum:  DIY Colorful Vintage Silver

And after we painted we simply used the Velvet Finishes Protect to clear coat the polish.



See how pretty they turned out?  Lovely!  Everyone made a big fuss over them and the kids fought over the colors.  A success I would say!  Just a side note – I do recommend hand washing and hand drying these so they keep their loveliness.  A pain I know but they’re so cool they’re worth it!


Design Asylum: DIY Colorful Vintage Silver


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