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DIY: Tray with O’verlays

May 26, 2015 • By

I love trays on a table.

They make everything nice and neat.

They corral the junk and just make a space look more organized.

I also love O’verlays.

O’verlays add a decorative element to whatever they are applied to, are so easy to use and  are just plain awesome!!

I thought, surely I can combine my love of the two…so I did…

I made a tray with O’verlays.

Design Asylum Blog | DIY: Tray with O'verlays

This project was super easy!

Here’s what we did:


1 13″ x 13″ piece of luan

4 wood strips cut on a 45 degree angle with the long points at 13″

spray paint color of choice

velvet finishes color of choice

wallpaper scrap – or something similar

glass piece cut at 12″ x 12″

wood glue

utility knife

micro-pin nailer (if desired)

and, of course

12″ Diamond pattern O’verlay Diamond Pattern


cut your base to 13″ x 13″, we used scrap luan

cut your sides so that the strips are on a 45 degree angle on ends, with the longest points measuring 13″, we used 1/2″ thick wood that is 2.5″ wide

spray paint your O’verlay (spray lightly to avoid drips)

paint your side pieces using Velvet Finishes

lay your glass piece over your wallpaper and cut around glass piece with utility knife

put your sides together using a small amount of wood glue in corners


place your luan on top, securing with a small amount of wood glue

-make sure all of your edges are flush and straight-

secure with micro-pin nailer through the bottom into the sides, as well as the sides


flip and place wallpaper inside

place O’verlay over wall paper

place glass on top of O’verlay


Be sure to check out a ton of great ideas on the O’verlays Gallery page on their website.    You are going to be amazed!  O’verlays can transform furniture like nobody’s business!!


Design Asylum Blog | DIY: Tray with O'verlays

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