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The No Sand Way to Prepare Your Furniture for Painting

January 12, 2016 • By

The No Sand Way to Prepare Your Furniture for Painting

In case y’all didn’t know already, I like things simple.


When Velvet Finishes was created, it was important to me that painting furniture should be a simple process.  A process that anyone could do.  A process so simple…

That Even I Could Do It!

 No sanding, no waxing, no smell – NO HASSLE!!

How to Prep Furniture: the easiest and quickest way ever. Seriously, check out this magic in a bottle aka READY from Velvet Finishes

Let me show you just how easy it is to use the Velvet Finishes products.

Now, lemme just tell ya:

I do not want to sand a piece of furniture to prepare it for painting.

I mean seriously.  No.  Nope.  Nada.  Do. Not. Want to do it.

Basically just not gonna.

Enter READY.

What is the Velvet Finishes READY product and how do I use it?

Ready is a no sand prep product for painting with Velvet Finishes.

Yes, no sand.

This bottle of magic removes dirt and grime, deglosses, and prepares your piece for a fabulous finish.

Spray the READY product on your furniture to clean and prepare the surface for painting. Let it sit for a couple of minutes, then wipe away. If there is any sheen left to your piece, repeat the process. Paint needs a clean surface for maximum adhesion.


Want to see Velvet Finishes READY in action?

Watch this quick video where I show you exactly how to prepare furniture with READY!

(see more Velvet Finishes tutorials here and while you are there, subscribe to our YouTube channel!)

Visit these blogger’s Velvet Finishes projects to see what they think of READY:

“I used READY on all of my daughter’s Pottery Barn pieces and it was perfect!  If the surface doesn’t have a sheen or factory finish, you do not need to prime with Velvet Finishes and I have truly put that to test with my projects.” – Cyndy at The Creativity Exchange


“Because I was dealing with a shiny laminate – which paint wouldn’t adhere easily to –  I decided to take the extra step of using the READY product by VF. This stuff is basically a de-glosser and it prepares the surface to take the paint. I’d never used it before but I was extremely impressed. I just sprayed it all over the nightstand and let it sit for a few minutes. Any excess that was left I just wiped off. Once again, no sanding or other prep needed!” – Jenna from Wife In Progress Blog



“After we removed the hardware, we used the READY product to clean the wood and remove any lingering gunk that was there. And trust me, there was gunk. The Accomplice prepped the piece by simply spraying the Ready product on the wood, allowing it to sit for about a minute, then wiping off.  We did not sand, as there is no need usually (99 times out of 100), when using Ready.  Ready is an incredibly easy way to prepare furniture for painting.  Yay!!” – Kellie via Design Asylum Blog (me)



Since it did have a glossy finish, I primed it first with READY and then painted it with Velvet Finishes Modern. To apply the READY, you just spray it on your piece and let it dry. Yea, I’m not even kidding. Most of the time you don’t even need a primer with this paint…..” – Jenna from Rain on a Tin Roof velvet-finishes-ready


That’s it.

It’s that easy.

Seriously, all you need is this magic in a bottle and a rag.

I warned you – I like simple.

Oh, and here is a quick tip for using our READY product…

painting tips

So Cheers to all the lazy girl painters out there – you are my tribe!


How to Prep Furniture: the easiest and quickest way ever. Seriously, check out this magic in a bottle aka READY from Velvet Finishes

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