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July 16, 2015 • By

Casa de Loco:  The Living Room

A.K.A. Kellie’s favorite room

I love this room.  I never use it, but I love it.

Well, I can’t say never.  It’s just that I am on the go constantly.

Not much time spent chillaxin at the casa, you know what I mean?

I know you do!

But when I do get the time to relax, I love to be in the living room.

Kellie Smith's Casa de Loco: Living Room Tour

As you know this house was a complete remodel.

A process I enjoyed tremendously, to be honest.

Not that there weren’t moments of ‘what the crap have I gotten myself into?, but for the most part, I really did enjoy flexing my design muscles and having myself as a client.

Anyway, here is where we started.

After the carpet was pulled up and the drapes were taken down,

this was the blank slate:


The red wall you see is the dining room and I was standing with my back to the foyer when I took this shot.

This room has two 9 foot sliding glass doors and the dining room has one.  The amount of sun the room gets is crazy, as it faces the east.

I had no furniture for this room, as we did not have a living room in our previous home.  Well we did, but it was my office, so I did not have the appropriate furniture.

Shucks!  Going to have to shop.

Before I shopped, I went through all the furniture I had and any my Mom would let me have so I would know what I was working with.

Ended up that I only had three pieces, two family pieces and one I had made for the space.

I was able to snag this secretary from my Mom, that had been my Father’s.  He did his homework on this piece when he was young.  My Mom had it black lacquered probably 35 years ago.

I love that I have this!

Kellie Smith's Casa de Loco: Living Room Tour

It’s filled with photos, family heirlooms, treasures from my travels and other small pieces.

The acrylic chair was a gift from The Handler.

I’m telling you that girl is generous!

You can snag a similar chair here from LexMod.

One of my favorite pieces in the living room is the sofa I had graffitied.  We have long since established my love of graffiti so we all knew it would have to be included at the Casa.

I called upon my friend and artist Jody Harris to help me bring my idea to life.

See the motocross helmet Jody painted for my son  here!

The words “Casa de Loco”, which (sort of) translates to “House of Crazies”

sums up my life fairly well, starts in the front and crosses over the back.

I picked up the sofa at a garage sale.  The Accomplice spray painted the frame with a brassy gold color and I then had it upholstered in a white linen.  I love the mix of the traditional sofa shape with the modern art.

Artist Jody Harris graffitiing a sofa for interior designer Kellie Smith

Jody worked his magic and created a masterpiece!

Kellie Smith's Casa de Loco: Living Room Tour

In front of the sofa, the velvet tufted bench, is another family piece.

This bench was my grandparents. my Mom’s parents.  It sat at the foot of the bed in their master bedroom.  The green velvet is the original upholstery and is still in perfect condition.

See the painting in the foyer?

The “Vote McGovern” art by Andy Warhol was my jumping off point for the color palette of the entire house.


The bold colors in this piece are fabulous and the color palette is repeated throughout the house in accents.

To create the perfect backdrop for all of this color, I wanted a deep, dark neutral gray.  The foyer was painted Sherwin-Williams SW7069 Iron Ore, as was the dining room.

The living room is painted SW7068 Grizzle Gray.

The ceiling is SW7045 Intellectual Gray and the trim is SW6258 Tricorn Black.

Kellie Smith's Casa de Loco: Living Room Tour

Because I live fairly close to the Scott Antique Market in Atlanta, I was easily able to source many of the pieces I needed there.  If you haven’t been, put it on your list.  It’s huge and the vendors have greatly varied styles.  The show is in Atlanta and Ohio.

This is one of my Scott’s finds:

Kellie Smith's Casa de Loco: Living Room Tour

I know, amazing right????  Geez I love this thing.

Kellie Smith's Casa de Loco: Living Room Tour

The bookcases came from One Kings Lane and they are jam packed!

I love to read.

I drool over my travel travel books and dream about my next trip!

The Eames inspired chairs are so comfortable!

Whenever the BHE goes missing, I usually find him stretched out and chilling here.

They are also from LexMod.  I’m telling you, you simply cannot beat the quality of their reproductions for the price!

And my gosh are they not gorgeous!?!?

Kellie Smith's Casa de Loco: Living Room Tour

Atop the bookcases are art pieces by one of my friends, John Crews.  John is incredibly talented.  The guy can draw anything!!!  It’s kind of sickening really.

He did an art show at the studio a few years ago and I absolutely fell in love with these pieces.  The neon paint with the classic roman figures is just pure perfection.

Kellie Smith's Casa de Loco: Living Room Tour

Seriously, aren’t they divine?

Well that’s a quick tour of the living room in Casa de Loco.

I have had people to ask if The BHE had any input into the design of our house.  He had a few requests that I worked in but he was great to let me do as I wanted.  I don’t call him the BHE for nothing!!


Kellie Smith's Casa de Loco: Living Room Tour

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