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Build Work Tables for Painting Furniture

June 9, 2015 • By

If you paint a lot of furniture you know what I’m talking about.

The bending, the up, down, over, repeat.  It can be a killer on your back.

That’s why we decided to

Build Work Tables for Painting Furniture

at the Design Studio.

Why, oh WHY, did we not do this years ago?

Design Asylum Blog | Build Work Tables for Painting Furniture

It was a face palm moment when I realized I needed these.  You know, one of those times when you are actually shocked at yourself that you had not thought of something sooner.

Especially considering how simple and cheap these were to build.

Once I determined the sizes that would work the best, I knew the process would be the same for each piece, just with sizes tweaked.  We built three different tables to meet the varying needs we have.

Build Furniture Painting Tables | Design Asylum Blog

 Detailed instructions can be downloaded here:


I have to tell you, they are working out perfectly!!  And aren’t the Velvet Finishes colors fun?

The low table, painted in Eloquent, is truly fabulous and the back table is painted in Boheme.  The table height piece works great for mixing glazes or painting small items like picture frames.  It’s painted in Enchanting.

So build these super easy painting and work tables.  You’ll be glad you did!



Design Asylum Blog | Build Work Tables for Painting Furniture


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