7 Quick Tips + Storage Solutions for Organizing your Christmas Crap Without Losing your Mind!

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Christmas is over.

Organizing your Christmas crap

Can I get an amen?

Call me Scrooge, but I for one and happy to see the trees come down and life gets back to normal. <– whatever that is

Can I even use the word Christmas and crap together without upsetting anyone?

Not to offend, but by time it’s all said and done and realizing I still do not have a magic wand…

I.  Am.  Over.  It.

I just want to snap my fingers and make it all disappear!


I would consider myself fairly organized.

Yet every year when I put away our Christmas décor, I vow that I will be more organized and methodical.

Most years, though, when the time comes to take it all down, I begin very methodically…a place for everything.  By time I’m half way done, I am just randomly throwing things into unlabeled boxes.

Next year it will Christmas decor surprise!!

And let’s see what’s in box number 7 Johnny!  You’ve won a box full of crap!  Congratulations!!!!


It’s a vicious cycle. Are you guilty of this too? If so, read on to see

How to Organize your Christmas Crap without Losing your Mind

Comment below with any tips you have for us!  I’d love to know how you organize.

Here are 7 Quick Christmas Organization tips:

1/ If you didn’t use it in the past three years – get rid of it.

2/ Buy sturdy boxes, bins, tubs with appropriate dividers.

3/ Label all containers.

4/ Layer items in your containers, heavier items on bottom.

5/ Have a method to storage.  Either store like items together or store by theme.

6/ Plan an outdoor storage solution for every item you have.

7/ If you have a helper, make sure they understand your organizing system.

Here are a few storage solutions and tips that I am going to try next year:

Bins, bins, and more bins. I prefer the red and green bins so that they are easy to distinguish from the others. These bad boys can hold a lot of Christmas crap.


via Amazon

Label those bins and containers!  There are many free pretty printables all over Pinterest, however….

I am a labelmachinaholic.

And yes it’s a real thing – just wait til I show you my pantry.

Maybe next year I can plan to use the pretty ones – dream big right?


via Stone Gable Blog

Christmas light strands – what a mess those are! Organize them and keep them untangled with this Christmas light storage bag.


via Amazon

Save those egg cartons! They make great storage solutions for small, round ornaments. Who would have known?!


 via Ask Anna Moseley

Forget the large, super heavy Christmas tree boxes. Try out these large Christmas tree bags – they are big enough to store a 9ft tree and it has wheels!


via Amazon

Use plastic bottles to store garland tangle free and ready to use next year.


via Tip Junkie

Wreaths take up a lot of storage space – condense and put them in these Wreath Bags. I love that these can hang.


via Amazon

These are some good and simple solutions aren’t they?

Yep decorating for 2016 won’t be quite as harried because I vow to not lose my organization mojo mid-stream when packing up this year.

This is my year people.

Please share any Christmas organization tips that you have; I would love to hear from you!



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