Hi, I’m Kellie! 

And I am totally excited you are here.

Welcome to the Design Asylum blog!

2015-03-20 15.43.26-133 crop

As a

design professional/color aficionado/project junkie/diy fanatic/globe-trotter,

I want to share my love of all things beautiful, in my very own blissfully mad-capped kind of way, and hopefully inspire your creative side!

It’s gonna be fun I promise!

Just so you know….

Color is  my drug of choice.

Well, sprinkle in a few vodka soaked gummy bears every once in a while.

I have an unnatural fear of clowns.

Yes, it’s a real thing.

I named my house Casa de loco because it’s crazy up in here.

2015-03-20 15.43.26-38 crop (1)

I even had it graffitied on my sofa.

I live at the casa with

the BHE <best husband ever>

and the young ones:

moto-boy <my 14 y/o son who races motocross>

and rider-girl <my 15 y/o step daughter who loves being on her horse>.

I drive a mini-van, which my son affectionately named The Rolling Turd’.

Yeah, well, he doesn’t call her that when I’m hauling 42 of his friends around. 

Mmm Hmm.

My big-girl job is that of an interior and textile designer.

I love to make spaces beautiful and liveable for others.

Boho Luxe Home

And I love to paint furniture.

but, I’m kind of lazy so, it has to be easy.

And all of it has to be fast, because I have an incredibly short attention span.

2015-03-20 15.43.26-153 crop

And I’m really picky, so I created my own paint line.

You will love it!  It’s so easy even I can paint with it!

Velvet Finishes


Between my design jobs, trying to see the world, launching this new paint line and keeping up with my family

 my world is crazy, but I can’t imagine it any other way!

I hope you will follow along…

as I share my painting tips, recent travels, current obsessions, beautiful rooms and complete randomness, in a somewhat lazy girls way.

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Now, let’s be besties!

Meet my partners in crime here at the asylum…



Quick-witted, with a sense of humor drier than the Sahara.



Always ready with a tool in hand to fix it, break it or build it.