Holiday Gift Guide: Sarcastic Friends

November 11, 2015 • By

It’s my first

Gift Guide!

For the next several weeks I’ll be sharing my favorite picks from some of my favorite shops to help make your holiday shopping easier!

First Up?

Gifts for your Sarcastic Friends

I start here because it was the easiest for me.  Probably because I relate so well.

And if you aren’t the snarky one, then you have a friend who is.

You know, the one that has witty comebacks, perfect comedic timing and always with a straight face.

That friend is generally me.

The Handler is a close second – but I think I wear the crown of being the most snarky.

And I definitely rock that crown.

If you need help finding the perfect gift for those smart ass friends of yours – let this sarcastic gal help.

Here is my Holiday Gift Guide: Sarcastic Friends

Need a holiday gift idea for your sarcastic friends? Here are some ideas that are snarky, fun, and overall crazy that they are sure to love!

Blah Blah Blah Notepad

With gold foil and multicolored sheets, you’ll feel like each day is a party with this chic little notepad!

Blah Blah Blah Notepad - Sarcastic Friends Gift Guide

via Hattan Home

Pretty print with a floral background and gold lettering.

Simply a good everyday reminder to be bad ass.

*Buy 3 prints, get the 4th free*

do epic shit print via The Sweetest Digs Co.

These Naughty and Nice Earrings are perfect for this holiday season!

Besides, we all feel a mix of naughty and nice don’t we?

nice and naughty

via ModCloth

WTF? I need this keychain in my life like yesterday.

wtf keychain

via Furbish Studio

How funny would it be if you pulled out this zipper pouch to pay your tab at the bar!

I’m sure some great conversations have been started with these pouches, get in on the fun!

drug money

via Montclair Made

For days in the office when things aren’t going your way, a little black magic is sure to offer a cure, or at the very least, a cathartic pastime.

Go ahead, give those evil to-do lists what they deserve.

Set of 2. Includes 4 pushpins.

voo doo pushpin

via The Organizing Store

Give those brainwaves a nutritious boost by packing a homemade meal in this canvas lunch bag!

power hour lunch bag

via ModCloth

I woke up like this…FLAWLESS!

Loving this Beyonce mantra in granny chic style.

flawless furbish

via Furbish Studio

As I have lots more that I could add to this gift guide but I will spare you.
I hope that this helps you mark some people off of your list!

Keep an eye out for my next Holiday Gift Guide: For the Men in Your Life!


Need a holiday gift idea for your sarcastic friends? Here are some ideas that are snarky, fun, and overall crazy that they are sure to love!

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